Current Note:

Please place your Bulk and Special Orders by the evening of Sunday, June 11! Ask about Frequent Buyer Discounts, Feed Raffles, GiveAways, and MORE!! 

General Information:

We host bulk and special order opportunities regularly, and keep a small store of commonly used Scratch & Peck Feeds at Coffee Creek Community & Gardens in Centralia by appointment.  (360.241.4855 - Mokey)

Bulk orders of 10 bags or more will receive a 5% discount. Special orders of any size are welcome, and can be picked up at Coffee Creek at no additional charge. Full payment is due at pick up of feed. Cash is preferable. 

*Please note that you can place a Bulk or Special Order at anytime, but I only make an order when I can fill at least one 60-bag pallet. I compile orders throughout the month, and confirm before I make an order. Orders occur approximately every 1 1/2 to two months, so please plan for 2 months of feed.

Please check this page often, as I will keep an updated list of available feed, as well as information about all of the great products available to order from the Scratch & Peck Mill in Bellingham, Washington. You can also email me at to join our Feed Email List, which will give you notification of upcoming opportunities to place an order. 

Price and Full Product List: 40#/25# bags (If only one price is listed, it is for 40#, only some types of feed available in 25# bags)

soy free broiler grower             $32.99

soy free layer 16%                     $28.99/19.99

soy free scratch n' corn              $23.99/16.99

naturally free starter 20.5%        $33.99

naturally free grower 17%          $29.99

naturally free layer 16%             $28.99/19.99

nat. free 3 grain scratch             $23.99/16.99

soy free turkey grower               $33.99

soy free goat feed                      $27.99

nat. free pig feed 16%               $27.99

wheat                                         $27.99                

oats                                            $27.99

barley                                         $27.99

whole corn                                 $27.99

cracked corn                              $27.99

field peas                                   $32.99

cracked field peas                     $32.99

Bulk Rabbit feed $1.00 per pound (includes tax)- Please bring your own container. NOTE: this is not a Scratch & Peck product!! This is mixed at Coffee Creek from alfalfa pellets and S&P whole grains. Though all Scratch & Peck feed is certified organic and non-GMO, we are not able to source our alfalfa pellets through them or another certified source at this time. We do our best to find alfalfa pellets from clean sources, and are open to any leads you may have!

Applicable sales tax will be added to all feed prices. Look into your Farm Exemption status, and supply a copy if you should not be paying tax on feed. 


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