Welcome! Here’s what’s happening in April 2020:

We are now accepting broiler chicken reservations for our butcher day in June. Each prepaid chicken costs $22; a lovely discount from their usual $5.25/#. Our customers with freezers will often reserve 12, 24, or 36 chickens to have 1 to 3 a month for the year ahead. 

Please inquire about reserving turkey, lamb, goat, and pork in 2020. 

Due to the high demand for eggs, we are only offering farm pick up at this time. We have found that many of our customers really enjoy visiting the farm for a weekly pick up, even as a simple change of scenery during these challenging times.

We offer limited egg subscriptions for a few weeks at a time if you know you’ll want them regularly:

2 dozen chicken eggs per week for 6 weeks costs $69. Half dozen free! Dozen price $6

2 dozen duck eggs per week for 3 weeks costs $40. One dozen free! Dozen price $8

We have CSA shares available! Please check out our CSA page!

Our first round of roots, greens, and peas are in the ground now, so plenty of freshies will be available before our CSA & market season begin in June. Inquire anytime! 

Plant starts are available! 

Ready to plant:

3” Strawberries 

6 packs of broccoli, lacinato kale, cauliflower, cabbage, and kohl rabi. 

Ready in May:



Jubilee orange

Red cherry 

Golden nugget cherry 


Cherokee purple 

German lunchbox 

Oregon spring

Red Siberian 



Pimento sweet banana 

Tam jalapeño 

Cali wonder 

Pablano ancho 

Early jalapeño 

To your health & happiness,


Home Page Info:

With each season rooted here at Coffee Creek, we are able to grow and bloom like never before. Transition has been prevalent, and we feel blessed to nurture a space where families and individuals alike feel welcome to grow and learn- whether taking a rest from a long journey or embarking on a path to self-knowledge. Community is the intention, so we welcome you and your family to join us for a day, a week, or a lifetime of stewardship, sustainability, and growth- in the gardens and in our hearts.

Observation and motivation are balanced in the greenhouses, gardens, and forest of our 10.69 acre homestead, ever building upon our connection to this land and all of the inhabitants- animals, both wild and domestic; native plants and carefully planned gardens; and, of course, humans. Our inspirations and responsibilities are reflected in each of our successful endeavors, within the Coffee Creek Community, greater Lewis County, and the Pacific Northwest. 


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