The Goods:

*Turkeys ~ We are now accepting deposits for your Thanksgiving Turkey! They will be available on the Monday before Thanksgiving, fresh and never frozen. 

We currently have 25 domestics, and 10 heritage birds available. 

Place your $30 deposit today by calling Mokey at 360.623.2103

*Eggs ~ Available on the farm, at the Farmers' Market, and in your CSA box!

Farm Pick up $5, delivery in Lewis/Thurston Co. $7, Tacoma $8 Seattle $9

*Organic, Free-Range Chickens, Rabbits, Goat, Lambs, and Turkeys ~ Call to inquire 360.623.2103

*Community Supported Agriculture Shares 2018 ~

Prices vary! Please refer to the CSA page for more details.

*Plant Starts and Nursery Stock ~

Annuals ~ 6 pack plants $5    4 inch annuals $3    1 gal pot $10  

Annual veggie and herb starts available starting in April. A second round of fall and winter starts will be available in July and August. 

Perennials ~ 

Jerusalem Artichoke: Root vegetable from the sunflower family. Tall single stock with large heart-shaped leaves produce a small, single yellow flower on top. Gorgeous towering over the garden, but the real beauty is below! After blooming, dig down to find many rhizomes that, when steamed, have the texture of a potato and the flavor of an artichoke! This prolific perennial spreads by rhizome, so a contained space is recommended. 1 gallon pot for $10

Beargrass & Hardy Kiwi & Yucca 8"


Lemon balm, 8"


Spicebush & Smokebush & Witch Hazel, 3 years old, 2-5 gallon


Blue crop Blueberry & Red Raspberry, 1 gallon


Rainier Strawberries, 4" pot


*Kombucha Fermented Tea Elixir ~

Many different brews are available, call 360.241.4855 for a burbling batch update anytime.

Quarts $10   Pints $6   Half-pints $4  Plus $1 Bottle and jar deposits!

*Kombucha Starter Kits ~

A half-gallon glass jar complete with a batch of Kombucha, already in progress. Made from organic teas and sugars and artesian well water, watch and enjoy the first batch, then brew to your hearts content. Complete instructions for care and recipes to get you started are included!


*Produce and Preserves ~

Call for availability 360.807.4949

Quarts $10   Pints $7   Half-Pints $5


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