Spring & Summer Shares available now for 2019!  Weekly shares begin in late May or June, depending on our spring weather. Shares paid in full before February 28 receive a FREE half flat of strawberries in June!! Fall/Storage share availability will be announced in July 2019. Read on for details!

Our farm shares are available weekly throughout the growing and harvest seasons and feature delicious and lovingly grown veggies, herbs, and fruits! We aim to provide you a "grocery box," featuring a wide variety of your favorites as well as unique and intriguing selections. Coffee Creek is a homestead as well as a working farm, and we are inviting your family to partake in all of the goodness that this land and our stewardship has to offer. An additional box is available in November, on the Monday before Thanksgiving, featuring many of the trimmings to accompany our fresh, pasture-raised turkeys for a feast your family can be truly grateful for.  

There are 17 boxes per Spring/Summer share this season, and 4 boxes per Fall/Storage share. 

The human and animal relationships at Coffee Creek, and the wonderful food they provide us make life on the farm ever more exciting, enjoyable, and nutritious. We love watching the "chicken show" every bit as much as we love eating fresh eggs for breakfast, so we provide all our feathered and furry friends with the highest quality of life and all the love that we have to offer. We respect our animals and do our best to nurture their natural instincts and intuitions. All of our chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, goats, and sheep have open access to forage, certified non-gmo, organic and locally-milled feed, fresh water, clean and spacious shelter, and, of course, our companionship. For these provisions, we are able to share rich eggs and tender, tasty meats. 

Eggs will be available to purchase when you pick up your boxes throughout the season. Please contact us about being on the "Egg List" to receive text message alerts when fresh, free-range, GMO-free eggs are "on the move" and available to be dropped off at your business or home outside of our regular CSA season. 

A minimum $30 deposit will ensure that you receive one of our utterly delicious turkeys on the Monday before Thanksgiving. Each year we raise Broad-breasted Bronze and an assortment of heritage breeds. Once the hanging weight of each bird is determined, they will be priced per pound, with the deposit subtracted from the total purchase price. Bronze turkeys are $6.5 per pound, and have ranged from 15 to 25 pounds in seasons past. Heritage turkeys cost $9 per pound, and are quite a bit smaller, ranging from 6 to 16 pounds. Check in with Mokey (360.623.2103) for details on our delicious, pasture raised duck, rabbit, goat, and lamb this season!

We are currently serving Lewis County, but may find demand enough in your area for deliveries. Talk to your neighbors and friends about purchasing a CSA from Coffee Creek this season, and contact us about expanding to your area!

Detailed information regarding CSA pick-up, scheduling, and locations, and how to become involved with Coffee Creek this season is always a click or call away. Please contact the Coffee Creek Community if you would like to sign up for our C.S.A. or have any questions. 

email:  CoffeeCreekCommunity@gmail.com or you may call Mokey directly at 360.623.2103 anytime. 

There are two box size choices: "Basic" and "Bonus" 

Basic Boxes contain 7 to 9 veggie, herb, and fruit selections in each box, depending on the time of year and what's in season. This share is great for a daily veggie-eating single or couple, or a small family that wants to include more or new produce in their meals. This is also a good choice for "farmers' market diehards" who want a produce share to supplement their shopping. 

Bonus Boxes will contain larger quantities of the basic selections, as well as 3-7 additional varieties. This share is for you veggie lovers, and will expand the selections of fresh produce in your meals and snacks. Great for folx who can't make it to a weekly farmers' market and want to have fresh, local produce all season long. 

Here is an idea of what you may receive in your boxes through the season. Please keep in mind that organic gardening is magical and mysterious! Varieties are subject to change with weather and whimsy:

May/June: You may find snap peas, kohl rabi, kale, collards, green onions, head and loose leaf lettuces, radishes, garlic scapes, strawberries, cherries, fresh herbs, and more. Plants starts and nursery stock are available for you home gardeners- full plant lists are available and starts can be purchased and scheduled with the delivery of your weekly farm share. Of course, you can visit the farm and nursery throughout the season! Eggs are available to purchase when you pick up your box at the farm; call ahead about having them delivered with your share. 

July: Cabbage, broccoli, edible flowers, kale, collards, head and loose lettuces, shelling peas, beets, carrots, strawberries, plums, garlic, onions, and herbs. Leek or brassica starts for your winter garden are ready now. Information about planning and executing a successful fall and winter garden is always available, so don't hesitate to call, email, or visit the farm. Many of our prior season's newsletters are archived on the Creekside Gardener page, so be sure to browse them for great recipes and gardening tips! 

August: Summer squash, artichokes, greens, green and purple beans, beets, garlic (be sure to check out our selection of garlic braids!), edible flowers, cucumbers, dill, onions, basil, cabbage, berries, peaches, pears, and cherry tomatoes. This is the beginning of the season of harvest, so unpack your jars and magnetic wand for canning, pickling and preserving! Bulk produce may be purchased and delivered with your weekly box for making big party batches of salsa and pesto and for your family's favorite yearly preserves.

September: Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, squash, green beans, berries, apples, lettuces, ground cherries, tomatillos, onions, garlic, herbs for drying or muddling into your favorite cocktail. The best of late summer harvest is happening so Eat, Drink, and be Merry! 

October: Cool weather brings a distinct sweetness into our hearty greens and a desire for soups made with root vegetables and squash! You'll find fresh herbs, greens, greenhouse veggies such as tomatoes and peppers, as well as longer storing veggies and fruits in these last boxes of the harvest season. 

Optional November/Thanksgiving Box: This box will be available the Monday before the Thanksgiving holiday and may include potatoes, cranberries, apples, pie pumpkins, gourmet cultivated or foraged wild mushrooms, hearty greens, garlic, herbs, shallots, and onions to ensure a bountiful meal your guests are sure to be thankful for. Be sure to order eggs ahead of time, as demand will be high with this delivery! If you have reserved a turkey it's ready now, freshly butchered and never frozen, for a tantalizing bouquet of flavor you just cannot find in your grocer's isle. Receiving your bird on Monday gives you plenty of time to brine or marinate before roasting or frying on Thursday. We are offering Broad Breasted Bronze, as well as some heritage birds and younger toms, if your family prefers a smaller bird. Be sure to specify your needs when placing your deposit as early as possible in the year. 

As some of our offerings have optional quantities, our CSA share prices vary. 
Here is a simple way to figure out the price of your CSA share:

Spring/Summer Shares

Basic 17: Weekly Box of Produce  $425 ($25/box)

Bonus 17: Weekly Box of Produce  $680 ($40/box)

Fall/Storage Shares

Basic 4: $100

Bonus 4: $160

November/Thanksgiving Box: $35

Eggs are available for purchase along delivery/pick up: $5/doz on farm $7/doz delivered

Optional Turkey Deposit: $30 Please Place as early as Possible!

Due at time of harvest (November 18):
Domestic- $6.5 per pound
Heritage- $9 per pound
Turkey available: 25 domestic, 10 heritage. Please call 360.623.2103 to place your deposit today! Please note that deposits are non-refundable and an additional fee will be added for deliveries. 

Delivery Zones

Thank you to those who are able to pick up their shares weekly at Coffee Creek! 
There will be a one-time per season surcharge for delivery to other areas:
*Chehalis Farmer's Market, Fridays from 4-7pm $25
*Home or Business Delivery in Centralia or Chehalis $25
*Olympia $45
*Tacoma $65
*Seattle/Portland $85

EXAMPLE: I would like to receive a Basic Spring/Summer share, a Nov/Thanksgiving Box, and to place a deposit on my turkey. I am receiving my deliveries in Tacoma weekly. 

The price for my share will be $555 ($425 + $35 + $30 + $65 = $555)

Early Share Strawberries!
Purchase your produce share in full before the 28th of February and you will receive a **free** Half Flat of Strawberries in June! Your early investments make all the difference in the gardens, as this is the time we purchase seeds, amendments, greenhouse supplies, chicks, feed...the list goes on and on. By purchasing your share as early in the season as possible, you enable us to grow more great food for you and us!

There are currently..

13 Spring/Summer Shares 

35 Turkeys and Thanksgiving Boxes

 Please reach us soon to reserve your share of the goodness! Fall/Storage Share availability will be announced in June 2019, Spring/Summer Shareholders will be given first priority when these are made available. 


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