Coffee Creek is seeking inspired, self-motivated, hard working individuals to join us for a season of growing, building and learning. We have received a $9,000 grant through The Tilth Alliance and the HumanLinks Foundation for drainage and waterway improvements! This is all to be accomplished during the 2018 growing and marketing season, so there are additional experiential learning opportunities available for the aspiring homesteaders and farmers who become involved. 

We are a family of homesteaders, farmers, carpenters, and students in south west Washington. We would like to share in the experience of sustainable land stewardship through everyday life on the farm, and this is why we offer room and board during your time working with us. You will be gardening- for our kitchen as well as our CSA program and local farmers' market, respectfully pasture-raising livestock for eggs and meat, and preserving the bounty of our harvests while tending to the land base and helping to move forward larger, community based projects on and off the farm. 

We are a part of the WWOOF program and offer short term and seasonal education-based work trade and internship opportunities at Coffee Creek. Following is a copy of our WWOOF description, please contact Mokey at 360.241.4855 for more details:

Now accepting WWOOFing applicants for the 2018 season! Priority is given to folx who may otherwise find rural living and opportunities to learn farming skills challenging for any number of reasons. This is a queer-safe, body positive space where we respect, appreciate, and protect people of all colors, orientation, identities, beliefs and backgrounds! Please know that open communication and open acceptance of respectful differences is crucial in this community setting.

Currently living here is one carpenter, one farmer, and one 11 year old. We have 2 cats, 2 dogs, a small rabbitry, 17 ducks, a flock of chickens, and peafowl.

BASIC INFO FOR 2018: This is the 10th year of Coffee Creek! Our 5.69 acres are a homestead, market garden, and C.S.A. Life is seasonal, and the day to day is rarely mundane- we work and play hard, and have a lot of fun living a land-based lifestyle. Coffee Creek is focused on stewardship. We grow a variety of perennial and annual gardens, raise healthy critters, and nurture free-range children. This is a family friendly space! There is at least one child living here at all times and pets may be accepted on an individual basis (our animals' safety is of utmost importance).

Currently accepting applications for:

*Local, daytime volunteers- come to the farm for 3-6 hours on weekdays to help out with daily tasks and projects! Let us know if you would like to be contacted for volunteer opportunities and work parties. No experience required. 

*3 week to 3 month stints- February through November 2018. These are people who are curious to interested in farming and homesteading. No experience required.

*Full season internship- 6 month minimum commitment with stipend after one month trial period. These are people who are seriously interested in farming and homesteading as a lifestyle and are seeking more experience and skills for their future. Some experience helpful.

Simply ask us about your specific scheduling needs- we are almost always open to self-motivated helpers with varying levels of experience. Short-term stays are provided tent and/or parking space, delicious meals in a community setting, and education by doing. A camper or tiny A-frame cabin is available for longer-term WWOOFers and interns.

Flexible 30 hours wwoof week is M-F and consists of morning chores, group projects, self-guided tasks, and community KP. Clear communication and side by side education based tasks can be expected! Please be capable of waking yourself up by 7am, lifting 45 pounds repeatedly, and working in the rain and the heat with a good attitude. **Weekends off!**

Following are some ideas of what we will be up to throughout the season. Please remember that with farming comes the ebb and flow of seasonal life, and we are constantly moving on projects. We take progress as it comes and enjoy the process!

February-May: Greenhouse starts and early transplants, repairing and trimming around fences, culling limbs and trees for firewood, cutting and tilling in covercrops, tilling and prepping gardens, prepping and planting our hoophouse, prepping our new strawberry field, laying irrigation, and planting, planting, planting! These are important months preparing for our first market and CSA boxes in June. This is the time to gain critical knowledge of seed germination, transplanting, and how to start your own gardens! You will also participate in the establishment of this year's lambs, and will learn about their fencing and housing needs.

May-July: Sowing and transplanting, weeding and mulching, harvesting for the farmers market and CSA, re-planting early rotations, braiding and curing garlic, processing and canning early produce and fruit, breeding and raising rabbits, starting turkey poults, moving lambs onto new pasture regularly, and moving forward on a variety of fun and involved projects. These days are long and usually not too hot!

July-September: Harvesting and marketing weekly, harvesting and packing CSA boxes, rotating crops and planting fall beds, weeding and irrigating like crazy, butchering rabbits and ducks, caring for livestock, processing and canning produce, chopping and stacking firewood, trimming and running electric fencing in the woods for pigs, and throwing a BIG PARTY to celebrate our 10th year on the land! This is a busy and fun time of the year!

September-November: Cleaning up and mulching gardens, splitting and transplanting perennials, pruning fruit trees, harvesting for farmers market and CSA, packing irrigation and seasonal supplies, tuning up and sharpening tools and implements, cleaning and organizing the barn, pre-selling and butchering turkeys, slaughtering lambs, planting and mulching garlic and shallots, planting and mulching late season and over-wintering beds, planting covercrops, stacking and covering firewood, cleaning up the farm and and getting everything ready for the rainy season. There is still a lot to do, but we are moving slower and our days are shorter now. Winter is coming!

The "farm" is one facet of our dynamic life at Coffee Creek. Other projects include a drainage and waterways project, funded by our Tilth Alliance and HumanLinks Foundation grant for 2018, establishing and maintaining rain catchment and gravity-fed plumbing, building cob ovens, creating habitat for wild pollinators, trail-building in our forest, as well as general land maintenance and homestead forestry. Opportunities for helping and learning useful skills are plentiful!

We eat, cook, and preserve a wide variety of homegrown or locally, lovingly-raised foods, and are open to all types of lifestyles. Vegans and vegetarians are welcome, though you must understand that we raise animals for meat and we will slaughter on site. We love to burn a bonfire and host potluck celebrations regularly.

There is an Amtrak station 3 miles from the farm, and a rural transit system is available at the end of our road. We are less than 5 miles from the interstate, and though our land is quiet and feels quite secluded, town is a flat, ten minute bike ride away. Centralia is a small town with a quaint downtown comprised of locally owned coffee roasters, theaters, open mics, antiques, restaurants, and other shops. This is a great area for hiking and biking, and we are just 30 minutes (driving) from Olympia. We can assist with some local transportation.

There is no "farm house" on this land- we live in cabins, buses, and campers for personal spaces. We have a communal kitchen bus and pantry for food preparation and storage. We have a composting toilet system and a beautiful bathhaus! We are living simply and providing for ourselves and our community through our own hard work and ingenuity- come see for yourself!


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