What a whirlwind this season has become! From the excitement of a growing community to the expansion of our living spaces, we are fueling ourselves on fresh veggies and utilizing the sunny days to the best of our abilities. Coffee Creek Community welcomed Shane Keller and Joe Smith to the farming family and is pleased to have celebrated by exercising our creativity in the building of a hot running water station and a kitchen bus (in the works). We have also broken ground on the first of our forest homes and built a tree house, well...because we wanted to. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for recent photos and updates on projects and community life.

The summer sun has graced us at long last, and the gardens (and gardeners) are basking in the glory that warm days bring. Bright red tomatoes hang heavily on the vines and summer squash are finding their way into every meal, farmers' market stand and CSA box. We even have a couple orange pumpkins already! It is rare to be able to leave pumpkins on the plant until the stem dries (when you are supposed to harvest) in Western Washington, but I think the extra care given by starting them in the greenhouse really payed off, as there are surely some fine pies in our future.

Unfortunately, our chickens are not quite as excited about the 90 degree weather as we are, and egg production has dropped some over the last week. Please enjoy your smaller share of eggs and be thankful (we are!) of our hens' daily labors. Just last night we introduced our spring pullets to the laying flock and are hoping to bypass the fall drop off by supplementing light and a little extra feed as the days grow shorter, but only time will tell what autumn will bring. We appreciate your patience!

You will notice some Michihili cabbage and bok choi in your boxes today. Already our fall gardens are bringing on the goods and, once again, are surpassing the summer gardens in dependability, if nothing else! Do consider growing an early spring, late fall and winter garden next year if you are not now: these are the greatest of growing times in our unique and sometimes unpredictable climate zone. I am seriously considering planting another patch of shelling peas to see if we can bring in one more harvest before freezing weather comes on.

Chickens are in the cooler for all recipients this week, so be sure to pick your bird up in a timely manner. They are delivered frozen at 10 a.m. and should be kept frozen unless they are to be thawed completely and cooked within a couple days. We have been enjoying our chickens in stir fries with garlic, crookneck squash bok choi and fresh basil over rice or quinoa.

Happy Wednesday!