Aloha! Thank you for sharing in our harvest this year!

Turkeys and CSA shares are available for pick up (Coffee Creek, afternoon) or delivery (Tacoma, morning) on Monday, the 19th. The Matrix Coffeehouse is not open on Mondays, so all Lewis County shares shall be picked up at Coffee Creek after 3pm. Turkeys are fresh, never frozen, and can be refrigerated or brined until ready to prepare on Thursday! Even if you plan to freeze your turkey for later days, we recommend that you refrigerate for a few days first. This gives the meat a chance to rest, and the flavor really develops. We do this with all of our freshly butchered meats, and are super happy with the flavor and juice factors.

We have a few large birds and a lot of smaller turkeys. It is hard to estimate the hanging weight off the top, but I think many will be in the 8 to 15 pound range, with a fee in the twenties. The heritage breeds cost $8 per pound and domestic breeds are $5 per pound, all at a $40 minimum. Most birds are heritage breeds that required a much longer season than the domestics. We will send a complete listing of available birds, weights, and prices as soon as the butcher is finished on Saturday. Please respond with your desired bird and we will match you up as best we can. Full payment is due when you receive your turkey.

We will also have 10 chickens available at $5 per pound. This is a good time to put a few birds in your freezer for the winter- our next butcher won't be until late spring, so stock up! Organ meat is available at $5 per pound, and feet at $.50 a piece. Chicken feet make great broth and/or dog snacks as they are very high in collagen and elastin. I will gladly share my new gravy recipe with any aspiring organ-eaters. It is my favorite way to work them into our diet, so far! Organs and necks come with your turkey, and feet are available upon request. Please place your orders for chickens now.

This will be the last CSA delivery/pick up date for the 2012 season. Boxes of produce, preserves, kombucha and eggs will be available to each shareholder. Thank you so much for your participation in our Community Supported Homestead! It has been such a pleasure and challenge to serve you this season, and we truly appreciate the opportunity to provide your family with a portion of your nutrition each year.

We appreciate your interest and support! Thank you for lessening the demand for factory meat by choosing our locally- and lovingly-raised chickens and turkeys this season. Where love is evolution, everyday living is the revolution. You are important and your choices matter. Thank you for taking a conscious approach to nourishment and celebration.

Be well, and live in light!