The chickens have landed! I am pleased to present you with our first delivery of fresh, natural, whole chickens, from our coop to your kitchen in less than 24 hours! Our birds are raised on high quality, non-gmo feed and are provided plenty of frolicking and foraging around and about the gardens.  Chickens are the first folks I see most mornings, and I believe you will taste and feel the difference in meat that was loved in life and respected in death. Chickens are kept on ice in the cooler, so don’t forget to pick one up with your box today. Look forward to one chicken per month for the duration of the CSA and, of course, there are more available for special orders.

French lentil sprouts make a crunchy and nutritious addition to your salad or sandwich, and keep well on a low shelf in your refrigerator for quite a while when kept moist but not sitting in water. If the pulp cup is damp, the sprouts will stay fresh…micro farm fresh!

While the rain has been relentless, the temperatures have been quite mild- a great combination for tender and hearty greens. This mixed bag of kale, brassicas greens, mustard greens and baby rainbow chard can be enjoyed fresh or cooked in your favorite meals. I am a simple woman, and am known to sauté just about anything in butter and onions. Add a pinch of freshly chopped hot & spicy oregano, and I am convinced you cannot go wrong.

The plants love the weather, but I am a little crazed by it. Are spring times so far between that I have once again forgotten that all those outdoor projects that had to wait all winter will have to wait for the showers to clear up as well? Washington’s own special brand of spring cleaning, I suppose. Well, the mounding mounds on, gardens are planted as soon as they are established, and the seedlings are popping up like crazy! Beans waste no time in these fair conditions and so, even when my own garden agenda is put on hold for a raging thunder storm, a quick walk amongst the fresh growth is all that it takes to remind me of the curious magic and beauty of our mother earth. Then I pull my son out of the nearest mud puddle for yet another change of clothes and story next to the woodstove.

Progress is being made and tomato plants are spreading roots in every available patch of dirt. Cherries are growing plumper by the day on our young cultivated and wild trees, corn sprouts look like tender blades of grass (to be protected from inquiring chickens at all costs!). With the next pick-up full of manure, the spiral garden should be finished, and I am starting to understand what a labyrinth it will truly be! While the plants are young and close to the ground now, summer sun will surely invite them higher and higher. There will be no outside world from within the vortex! Come on down and get lost for yourself on Saturday, June 19th, at Coffee Creek Community and Gardens’ first volunteer day and summer solstice celebration. Open farm from 9am to 3pm, with potluck lunch at 1. Please wear shoes and clothes that can stand a little mud, a warm sweater, and bring a dish to share. Work gloves, sunscreen, and projects will be provided! I will provide more information as the date nears, but feel free to inquire or plan another date to visit that fits your schedule. I am always here with plenty of projects to tackle.

This round of kombucha is made with an organic citrus black tea blend containing fair trade organic oothu black tea, organic lemon peel, organic schizandra berries, organic orange peel, organic osmanthus flowers, lime, and organic lemon myrtle sweetened with agave syrup and organic cane sugar. Layers of flavor are cultured for maximum health benefits and a yummy beverage.

Bliss has done it again; these truffles are out of this world! Two of his finest are here for you: Orange Dark Chocolate and a wine truffle featuring “Key Auntie.”

Mammoth grey striped sunflower seeds and scarlet runner beans were saved here at Coffee Creek from last year’s gardens. They are ready to be planted in your home garden now that the danger of frost is behind us. Plant seeds about as deep as they are big, lightly press soil over the top, water and soon your very own sprouts will greet you!

Next delivery will be on June 9, with one to follow on the 23rd. I am looking forward to spending the next couple of weeks in the gardens, sowing and nurturing more fresh food for your table and mine.

                                                                                   Be Well,