At long last the ten day weather report shows no sign of precipitation or nighttime temperatures under 50, and not a moment too soon! The gardens are in full swing, with bees buzzing at each squash blossom and peas hanging heavily on trellised vines. Green tomatoes are appearing everyday and our newest Coffee Creekers have arrived: The Turkeys!

Yes, 23 five day old turkey poults are peeping and bouncing around the brooder in the woodshed, and we are all delighted when they peck at our fingers and hop into our palms. They are very social creatures, with a lot of personality. We were all a little bummed last year when turkey season was through, so we are hoping to keep a couple as a layers throughout the winter to hatch our very own grip next year!

Baby animals develop quickly, but who knew that our very own son, Waylon, would grow up so fast? This weekend we will celebrate his fifth birthday (!) with friends and family here at Coffee Creek, and as we have been preparing for the festivities it has come to my attention that this will be the third birthday party of his here on the land. Three whole seasons have gone by since our landing here at Coffee Creek. Three years of establishing our farm and business, of creating community here on the land and in the surrounding areas, of building gardens and demolishing brambles, of working hard and loving life. Three years of chasing Waylon through this very special forest we call home!

I am so thankful to have this space to raise my son, free range. I am grateful for the dedication to grow food for my family and yours, to have the land to do it on and the willingness to work for our health. I cannot think of a better way to watch my son flourish and grow into the amazing little man that he is today, and I cannot think of a better way to preserve this space and our lifestyle than by growing nutritious veggies, raising delicious chickens and creating wholesome products made of the same. This fall will be our third anniversary here at Coffee Creek and I give thanks to you for your involvement in this blessed process!

It is late, and honestly, I haven't packed your boxes yet :) I am expecting to bring to you the sweetest of snap peas, fresh strawberries, garlic scapes, kale or chard, eggs, kombucha, and dried chamomile. Chamomile is a wonderfully soothing herb that can be infused at a rate of 1 teaspoon to one cup of boiling water. Add a touch of honey and enjoy before bed for a great night's rest.

Hmmm...a cup of chamomile tea sounds just perfect right now! Good night and sweet dreams if you are checking this late, good morning and great day to your early emailers. Blessings to you all!