Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

 Today is the day of your first CSA delivery, and I am excited to bring you a small variety of early spring delights to kick off our season together. There is frost on the ground this morning as I write this, so greens are the name of the game, beginning with plants for your own garden. Thanks to all of the excited gardeners who have contacted me about plants already. You have a 6 pack of hardy greens with your box, and they are ready to transplant right into your garden, although you should cover them up at night to protect them from the chills while they get established. If you haven't looked over the plant list just yet, no worries. Give it a glance before the next delivery, though, as western WA usually sees the last frost in mid-May, and we'll be ready to bring you tomatoes and squash by next delivery. You will also find two seed packs ready for direct sowing: watercress, a 50 day green, and sugar snap peas, a delicious munching pea that is ready in about 60 days.

  We are exploring micro-greens for the first time, so you have some spicy arugula greens to top your lovely mesclun mix from our friends at Sweet Briar Herb Farm in Onalaska. They are an organic farm specializing in culinary and medicinal herbs as well as certified organic produce out of their huge (and hugely inspirational) greenhouses. Way to get a jump on the season! Top the bowl off with these alfalfa sprouts, your favorite cheese or seeds and you have a great green salad to celebrate this sunny day.

  Sweet and Sour Relish is included as a reminder of last season's bounty of unripened tomatoes! It was a difficult one, but the treats show no indication- crackers with cream cheese and relish is a great snack at your next potluck.

  Your bottle of kombucha is fermented with organic Oolong tea and organic cane sugar, and is one of the same (read: many) mothers that have been brewing up the goods here at Coffee Creek for years. We have quite an abundance, so please, let me know if you are interested in growing your own, and I would be happy to get you started.

  Our chickens are happily pecking outside of their recently expanded and improved palace on this fine morning. We have seen our egg count go up with the sun, and we are relishing in their delightful home-grown protein that keeps us moving on long spring days of water system projects, transplanting, and mow- mow- mow- mowing! Ahh, spring! The grass is always taller than the peas.

  Well, it is about time to hit the road and get your goodies to you! Have a great day and enjoy the bounty of the season and the love from Coffee Creek Community.