The garlic is harvested! This is a most exciting time, seeing the product of our gardens' winter work piled in the sun, ready to be hung in the Longhouse for curing. Working together in the fields on hot days pulling out the hidden bulbs, it is always a surprise to see which varieties got the biggest, which smell the strongest, and which were most prolific.

I love thinking about all the tasty dishes that will be inspired by this harvest as much as our health will improve from the amazing benefits of garlic's multifaceted magic :) Enjoy your Inchelium Red softneck in this box and look forward to tasting and experimenting with new and different varieties with your boxes to come!

Mango, pineapple, peach green tea is paired with the last of the apricots for your quart of kombucha. It was just bottled on Saturday, so you may be interested in letting it sit (out of direct sun) on your counter for day or two to complete a double fermentation, where the flavors will truly meld and the effervescence will come through.

Enjoy the heat of summer, now paired with cooler and longer evenings. As the season shifts toward harvest time, I truly enjoy the lower temperatures at night for canning or relaxing after a long day in the garden or at market. Busy times are important to balance with enjoyment and relaxation. While that can be challenging (for me especially!), I find the productivity of this time of year to be a great inspiration for taking it easy when the opportunity is present :)