There is nothing quite like a summer day in the garden- dogs laying in the shade after chasing butterflies with Waylon, the sun on my back as I weed gardens in preparation of the next planting. Watering the plants, myself, and and the nearest person who is least suspecting it...!

Now that the rains have subsided, the plants are shining with the sun. Dark green potato leaves are shading cool and colorful tubers; spiny, curling leaves hide little yellow flowers that are quickly developing into cucumbers; pumpkin plants vine out and out, absorbing all the summer sunshine Washington has to offer. Of course, the weeds and grasses appreciate the warmth at least as much as the vegetables and berries do, so the balance of mowing and harvesting is yet to be reached.

No matter how our hours are spent, I truly appreciate the tangible success of time spent with the land. To see our progress at the end of each day and to watch projects as they take shape fulfills us in a similar way that a warm tomato off the vine does. Thankfully, the work season is longer than the tomato season here in Washington, so there is much fulfillment to be had, even as we patiently await a more diversified harvest :)