With community comes much communication, and with much communication comes much personal and spiritual development as well as a state of joyous exhaustion. This year has been unlike any before it, and as our community has formed, morphed, grown, shrunk, and cartwheeled through the seasons, the fruits of our labor -both physical and emotional- have sweetened and become increasingly abundant.

My hopes are that our returning shareholders are as pleased with the quantities of produce, and larger sized chickens as I am, and that our new shareholders are content with a different kind of CSA program from others they may have experienced. We are all busily expanding our gardens and greenhouse production while raising more birds for eggs, meat, and livestock sales than ever before. In addition to our farming lives, we are continuously encouraging ourselves and each other to reach deeper and create stronger bonds as a community -a family that works, eats, plans, and lives together...in harmony with each other and with nature.

We are so blessed to share in this experience with you, our customers, and are humbled by the opportunity to serve your family, sharing food that we work so hard to nurture (sometimes coax!) into existence. With each success (and each failure) in the gardens, we are learning and growing, as a community, as individuals, as farmers and as homesteaders. We encourage your feedback, your praise, and your criticism so that we may continue to improve our offerings and services!

Thank you all for helping to create another season of bounty and abundance at Coffee Creek Community & Gardens!