There is a rabbit hutch on the north side of the Longhouse. No domestic rabbits live at Coffee Creek yet, but when they do, they will have a great little hutch to reside in. There were many lonely days on the farm when my young son, Waylon, and I were the only members of our "intentional community." The intentions were always here...

Holding space throughout the many transitions that Coffee Creek has seen has been a difficult and often painful process, and at times I have reflected upon the many different situations that brought me to this space and prepared me for the incredible amount of work that it has taken to feel at home. No matter what I was able to accomplish in transition- be it the gardens, the business, the ties in the outlaying community- nothing has made more of an impact than sharing this.

Ten people are living, ten minds are planning, twenty hands are working. Together. Ten souls have converged in time and space, each breathing, learning and evolving. Each of us shares our knowledge and learns a new path with each beloved interaction. With our love combined we are creating a magnetic environment, and are consistently drawing attention and energy from the lives that we touch when we venture off the farm. Our community is growing, our love is spreading, and our work is becoming more and more important and made evermore enjoyable because we are working together.

Coffee Creek develops everyday. Each time that we come together to make a difference in our space, in our systems, in our lives, change is made. When we divide and conquer our reach is far and wide, and when we work together as a team, we reach deep. The foundations that were built are being improved upon and everyday I can look around to see the evolution of our home as it takes shape and becomes the place that we all want to come home to. That we all want to share with our family, our community, and you. And your rabbits, too.