The season of rest is coming to a close, and I can feel it in every step. We may still be in the midst of a Northwest winter, but the greenhouse is on my mind...sprouting begins next month, but it is already in my heart, my dreams, my breath.

Along with the excitement, I am also thankful- I really feel like I made the most of my winter. I have been sewing and knitting- and not by myself. I have taken the steps toward intimate friendships that I haven't had the "time" or "headspace" for over the last couple years. There has been so much going on here at Coffee Creek, right in front of me, that I didn't get out for much other than work. I have been aware of the existence of interesting people in our community, but now I am nurturing it. Embracing it. And being embraced! There are some truly amazing women and men in my life right now, and we are all taking the time to be a community of creative, thinking, feeling individuals.

Our family has really grown this winter, as well. No, not by expansion, we are three and will continue to be. Our growth has been inward...we have contracted and become a closer unit while at the same time all becoming a little more independent of each other. Waylon will be five this summer(!) and has become so focused in his interests. He enthusiastically learns, explores and pushes limits...with himself and of course, with his parents. Francis and him are closer now than ever before and I feel their support as I connect with my ladies and take time to myself. It is a beautiful balance for a mother to be engulfed in love while granted freedom.

Just as father and son have grown closer, so have Francis and I in our partnership, as parents and as man and woman. I feel more at ease with our relationship and also more dedicated to our friendship than ever before. What a winter, indeed.

With all of this intimate internal growth propelling us into the season of external growth, I believe our capabilities have increased infinity-fold! Having taken seed inventory I am now planning our rotations of greenhouse and gardens. Last year our season was so unexpectedly cold and damp, that I feel myself taking extra precautions. Many plants that I would have normally sown directly into the gardens were skipped altogether, so I am planning to take full advantage of the greenhouse. This will not only ensure that we are able to plant our favorites, but expand our nursery supply to ensure a bountiful harvest for all.

We had such positive feedback on last year's CSA that we are continuing, expanding, and improving our offerings. I feel so blessed to have the time, energy and space to provide nourishment for not only my family, but the community at large. A foundation of healthy eating is central to our functioning in all aspects of our lives, and to offer this to families that are not able to grow their own food is my calling. And it calls...sometimes louder than I am ready it really going to be February so soon? Am I ready for another season of mayhem and markets?

You bet your dinner I am .